MHS C/O 96 Trip

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Welcome Mumford Mustangs C/O 96' to your group page! Below you will find all the details for your 25 Year Class Reunion Trip!


Travel Agent: Berjoh Fullilove   

Group Reference #C08SP6

Get ready to sail aboard the Carnival Conquest for a 4 Day Western Caribbean Experience! 

July 19-23, 2021

Times are subject to change.

Pay Schedule

Jan. 18, 2020


May 29, 2020


Nov. 6, 2020


Apr. 23, 2021


Deposits: All deposits listed are based on double occupancy.  Your $25 deposit/person reserves your spot in the group booking. A Cabin will not be assigned until your $150 deposit/person is received. Deposits for single cabins are not listed, so please contact agent if you plan to do a single occupancy in your cabin. There are 32 cabins reserved for this group. It is at the payer discretion which deposit they decide to pay as long as it is received by the listed due date.  Deposits may be paid here or called into Carnival Groups at 866-721-3225. When calling in to make payment please give group reference # listed above.

Note: You may submit all deposits on one form if using one credit card. If using separate credit cards, you must submit each deposit separately.

Click to view>Carnival Vacation Protection Packages and Benefits | Carnival

  • Vacation Protection Plan premiums are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  • Cancellation penalties apply to all guests in a stateroom and are assessed in the event of either partial or full stateroom cancellations.
  • The system will keep the higher calculated penalty amount when the guest is cancelled.
  • Cancellation of Air guests may result in an additional penalty for the air portion, up to, but not limited to, the full air add-on amount, as imposed by the air carrier.
  • Percentage penalty charged applies to cruise fare, non commission fare, air add-on, supplemental fare, cruise only transfers and pre and post cruise packages where applicable.
  • No refund in the event of interruption or cancellation by guests after the start of the cruise. We strongly recommend the purchase of trip cancellation insurance such as
    Carnival's Cruise Vacation Protection Plan.
  • Prior to receipt of final payment and if for any reason accommodations are not available, Carnival may substitute accommodations of the same or better quality on another of Carnival's





Any time you’re in your room, you’re steps away from your own personal outdoor oasis… designed for maximum sea breeze and the most stunning views.



The above listed costs are for double occupancy cabins. Prices are per person. This means that if you plan to travel single, you must contact your travel agent for your custom single cabin cost. There is also third and fourth occupancy cabins available. If you are interested, please contact your agent for a custom quote.

Air is not included, but can be added once a cabin is assigned.

Travel Documentation


Proper travel documentation is required at embarkation and throughout the cruise. Even though a guest has completed registration using Online Check-in, it is still the responsibility of the guest to present the required travel documents at the time of embarkation. Guests should check with their travel agent and/or government authority to determine the travel documents necessary for each port of call. Any guest without proper documents will not be allowed to board the vessel and no refund of the cruise fare will be issued.

Carnival highly recommends that all guests travel with a passport valid for at least six months beyond completion of travel. This will enhance the debarkation experience as delays may be expected upon return to the United States for those without one. Additionally, this will enable guests to fly from the United States to meet their ship at a foreign port should they miss their scheduled port of embarkation and allow guests who must disembark the ship before their cruise ends due to an emergency to fly back to the United States without significant delays and complications.

Domestic Cruises
For cruises that begin and end in a U.S port, the following WHTI-Compliant Documents are acceptable for cruise travel. These standard forms of documentation will enable the Department of Homeland Security to quickly and reliably identify a traveler. If a picture I.D. is not affixed to the WHTI-compliant document, a picture I.D. is required (a valid, unexpired government-issued photo I.D. for all guests 16 years of age or older). If the cruise includes air travel to or from Canada, a valid, unexpired U.S. passport is required.

  • U.S. Passport
  • Passport Card
  • State Enhanced Driver's License
  • Certificate of U.S. Naturalization
  • Native American Indians

Also acceptable for cruise travel (for cruises that begin and end in a U.S port), U.S. citizens can show proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate  issued by a government agency and accompanied by government-issued photo identification. If you DO NOT have a passport, you must bring BOTH birth certificate and state ID/Driver's License. If the cruise includes air travel to or from Canada, a valid, unexpired U.S. passport is required. Guests who have committed or been convicted of a crime may not be allowed into Canada - for more information, click here. (ID 1403)

Names on Travel Documentation
It is important that the guest's full name (first name and last name) on the cruise and airline tickets be the same as the guest's non-expired government-issued photo I.D. they plan to use for travel identification. In the event of a different name on the cruise/airline ticket and the guest's photo I.D. as a result of a marriage, divorce or a legal name change, documentation (original or clear, legible copy) supporting this change is required (at embarkation), such as a marriage certificate, marriage license or legal name change court document. Failure to bring documentation bridging the name differences could result in denial of boarding.

Note: For newly married or soon-to-be married brides, we strongly recommend that if the non-expired government-issued photo I.D. is in the maiden name, the cruise booking be made in the maiden name (do not include the married name); If the reservation was made in the married name, but the non-expired government-issued photo I.D. is in the maiden name, documentation (original or clear, legible copy) supporting this change is required (at embarkation), such as a marriage certificate or marriage license. Failure to bring documentation bridging the name differences could result in denial of boarding. 

Unacceptable Forms of Documentation

  • Copies of any WHTI-Compliant document
  • Driver's License as the only proof
  • A temporary driver's license (paperwork without a photo I.D.)
  • Voter's Registration Card
  • Trusted Traveler Program Membership Card (NEXUS/SENTRI/FAST) - may be used for photo identification use only
  • Baptismal Papers
  • U.S. Military I.D. as the only proof
  • A Dependent Military I.D. that is issued to the spouse and children of military personnel is not acceptable
  • U.S. Military Discharge Papers
  • No Record of Birth certificate: a certificate issued by the Department of Health and Vital Statistics showing that they have no records on this person
  • Hospital certificate, hospital-issued birth notice, live record of birth or announcement of birth


Optional Add-Ons for the Ultimate Vacation Experience!

Note: Carnival also has an app that you can download to your mobile phone to have access to all that's happening onboard. Don't forget to download prior to departure.  Also there will not be any reception onboard once the ship departs. There is an optional wifi plan you can purchase.